Case for Change

The case for the development of a new hospital is a strong one. Investment is needed to renew the Royal Berkshire’s infrastructure. The case for change is based on five “Cs”.

  • The condition of our present hospital buildings is less than ideal. The Care Quality Commission says it is a testament to our staff that we are still able to maintain and deliver outstanding patient care.
  • The hospital is operating beyond its current capacity and expected local population growth will only mean greater health needs and rising demand for services.
  • The existing buildings were designed to support a 19th and 20th century model of clinical care. The buildings limit the capability of our staff to provide high quality modern healthcare for our local communities.
  • The existing buildings are a poor environment for patients and staff, and they contribute to the climate emergency. We need a green, low-carbon hospital.
  • Developing a healthcare campus for Berkshire would generate jobs and economic growth and act as a catalyst for the local economy for years to come.

You can see how we have incorporated this case for change into our thinking by reading the public summary of our Strategic Outline Case.